Know your customer

Receipt Relay combines customer demographic data with POS purchase data so your business can segment customers based off of sales and not website visits. 

Drive Post Sale Engagement with eReceipts
Take control of your customer experience and build better relations with our retail software
Receipt Relay retail software integrated with a EPOS checkout till

 Provide Effortless eReceipts 

Improve checkout efficiency

Customers simply scan a QR code at checkout to avail of an eReceipt. No app? No problem, those using any QR scanner customers can still avail.

eReceipts without the email

Remove friction and increase uptake of eReceipts among customers as no personal information is required at checkout.

Receipt Relay Retail Software Adding A Marketing Channel Open

 Gain Customer Insight

And Reward  Loyalty 

Reward And Know Your Customer

Learn what your customer purchases are, and offer personalised discounts and offers direct to their mobile device.

Reduce Online Marketing Cost

With simple one click messaging straight to customers accounts, get the leads you want without the social media expertise or cost.

Receipt Relay retail software reducing a business' carbon footprint and increasing revenue Open

 Cut Your Costs Not Trees 

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Cut costs on both receipt paper and account admin, as eReceipts will reduce the paper trails in your business.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Each eReceipt saved is a tree left standing, and one less unrecyclable receipt printed.

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