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Receipt Relay: How it works

Using Receipt Relay couldn’t be easier. With Receipt Relay not only is the need for paper receipts completely eradicated but the process of receiving and storing receipts becomes effortless. When you have arrived at the till and have paid for your products all you have to do is scan the QR code at the checkout and your e-receipt will be transferred and saved to your Receipt Relay account.

If you don’t have the Receipt Relay app there is no need to worry as you will still get your e-receipt. Without the app the process is a little different, instead the way it works is that when the QR code is scanned, a web page is generated with your e-receipt and your e-receipt can then be downloaded to your device.

By downloading the Receipt Relay app you can have all your receipts in one place instead of downloading them individually each time. A paper receipt has an average carbon footprint of 10g of CO2 whereas one of our e-receipts only has a contribution of 3g so by being a Receipt Relay user you can reduce your carbon footprint by a factor of three. And if that wasn’t enough, our system is supported on carbon neutral servers so over the course of 12 months our, and now your, net contribution is zero!

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