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Receipt Relay: July Beta Testing

This week’s blog is different to the usual tone we have on Monday at 11am. Instead of trying our best to educate and inform our audience about the global issues of receipt waste and the massive impacts something as simple as choosing an e-receipt over a paper receipt can have, we want to share some exciting news with you from our Team!

On the week of July 16th, Receipt Relay was used for the first time ever by 21 Irish consumers in a three day Beta test where our users were asked to test the functionality of our app and system.

This sort of testing is crucial for the Receipt Relay Team to understand flaws in our design but it also gives us the rare opportunity to gather insight to our service from a consumer’s perspective (whether that be flattering or humbling!).

Over the next few weeks we will be taking what we learned from the Beta testing and we will be making the necessary adjustments to fine tune Receipt Relay in preparation for a launch to the Irish Market later this year. This is an exciting time for everyone involved!

Lastly, the Team would like to thank everyone involved in our July Beta test, your efforts and feedback have been pivotal to the growth of Receipt Relay and we can’t express our appreciation enough. Thank you!

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