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Receipt Relay: what makes us different

E-Receipts Explained

An e-receipt is an alternative to your usual paper based receipt. You’re probably familiar with the system of getting your e-receipt through your email, a process that usually involves some awkward back and forth between you and the cashier.

The purpose for e-receipts is to save time and waste and reduce the carbon footprint of both shoppers and business owners. However the current execution of e-receipt provision has been counterintuitive to this vision. As a customer, you don’t want to spend those extra minutes spelling out your email address and then double checking your inbox to make sure the cashier heard you correctly. As a business owner, you don’t want that queue building up as you go through the painfully long process for each e-receipt because queues lead to irritated patrons and 2-star Trustpilot reviews.

What Makes Us Different

This is where the Receipt Relay e-receipt is different. Our e-receipts are not email based. So straight away you can forget about calling out that shameful email address you made when you were 12 in front of the entire store (you’re welcome). In order to get your e-receipt, all you need to as a customer is scan the QR code you see at the checkout or point of sale and voila there it is on your device - no paper trail, no time wasted. Completely instantaneous. As a business owner, Receipt Relay enables you to reduce your paper waste. With one of our e-receipts, the paper receipt is no longer printed which is better for the environment and your wallet.

We carried out a survey in January of 2021 and found that 83.6% of Irish consumers would use Receipt Relay if a vendor in their area was supported by the software. Our app is simple and effective - it does exactly what it's meant to, fast as lightning.

But don’t take our word for it. According to a report carried out by Green America 89% of consumers surveyed— regardless of whether they preferred paper or electronic receipts — would like retailers to offer e-receipts as an option.

Receipt Relays vision is to have all receipts electronically transferred to your phone where you can access anytime, anywhere and you can forget about the stress of losing a receipt. With Receipt Relay you simply have to scan the QR code at checkout. Your e-receipt will then be transferred to your Receipt Relay app or if you don’t have the app your e-receipt will be generated on your device where it can be saved from there. We have all angles covered to make sure you always get that


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