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Receipt Relay: Why Download?

There are many benefits of using Receipt Relay (as discussed in our other blog 'Why you should be using Receipt Relay') but maybe you're wondering why you should bother downloading the app in the first place?

For starters the obvious benefit with using Receipt Relay is that you never have to worry

about losing a receipt again, but with Receipt Relay you never have to worry about losing an

e-receipt either. With your e-receipt transferred straight from checkout and stored on your

account there is no stress of worrying about what you saved your e-receipt onto as all your

receipts are stored in the same place to be accessed anywhere at any time.

By using Receipt Relay not only are you saving your own time and space but you are

helping save the planet we live on!

Every year in the United States alone 10 million trees are cut down to enable the production of paper receipts. By simply using Receipt Relay and switching to electronic receipts you are helping aid in the

fight against the production of paper receipts while reducing your own carbon footprint. When you are using Receipt Relay instead of opting for a paper receipt you are reducing your carbon footprint from 10g of CO2 to 3g.

On top of the stress reduction and environmental benefits of Receipt Relay, once you have your e-receipts saved to your account they can be accessed whenever you like and categorised however you like. Even though receipts will already all be in one place we can make it even easier for you by filtering them down to just what you want to see, like for example you can look at any receipts from January or you can look at receipts which had purchases over €50.

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