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Why you should be using Receipt Relay

So by now you’re probably wondering what are the benefits of Receipt Relay to me as a consumer which is why we’ve put together this blog post specifically for you.

Receipt Relay is Ireland’s first decentralised e-receipt system for the everyday consumer. So what does that mean? Essentially we are the first available app that allows you to get e-receipts from any shop, vendor or location that is integrated with our system.

Before Receipt Relay if you wanted to opt for the eco-friendly e-receipt alternative when shopping you would have to either download a specific app for that shop or you would have to give your name and email address to the cashier so they could then forward the e-receipt on to you.

Now with Receipt Relay when shopping in any of our supported stores you can just scan the QR code located at the checkout and the e-receipt will be immediately saved to your device - no more spam emails, no more extra apps that you only use once a year, no more having to search your inbox when you do actually need the e-receipt.

Free to use, no ads, no gimmicks

Receipt Relay is absolutely free to use for the consumer. In our company mission statement we have outlined the importance of providing accessible eco-friendly solutions to the wider population and we believe that the best way to achieve this is by taking the steps to ensure that all consumers can use Receipt Relay free of charge forever.

We also believe in simplicity within the app which is why you will never see any annoying ads or shameless promotions on the Receipt Relay platform - ever!

Massively reduced carbon footprint

The idea of Receipt Relay was born when we say the immense environmental impacts of paper waste. In Ireland alone, it estimated by retailers that 80% of paper-based receipts go straight from the printer to the bin. On top of this alarming statistic the CO2 emission of single paper-based receipt stands at approximately 10g of CO2 per receipt. To imagine that the majority of the carbon footprint doesn’t even serve a purpose in the world is beyond fathomable.

A standard Receipt Relay e-receipt has a CO2 emission of 3g of CO2 but the best thing about Receipt Relay e-receipt is that it is only used when needed, we don’t create e-receipts when the consumer doesn’t want or need them (unlike the current system in place).

Hassle free and instantaneous

Like I said earlier, Receipt Relay is decentralised meaning that the Receipt Relay app can be used in a plethora of retailers, restaurants and hotels without any additional input on your behalf - so you can say goodbye to the idea of having an app for every place you’re spending money in!

So how do you use Receipt Relay? When spending in a Receipt Relay supported location you will see the Receipt Relay QR code at the checkout, counter or till. Open up the Receipt Relay app on your phone and scan the QR code when paying and your e-receipt will be immediately saved to your device where you can access it anytime, anywhere. All of your Receipt Relay e-receipts will be saved in the same place so you can forget about having to skim through your inbox to find the one you’re looking for.

You don’t even need the app!

Still not convinced? When we said that providing an accessible solution was important to us, we meant it. To avail of a Receipt Relay e-receipt you don’t even need the Receipt Relay app. All you have to do instead is scan the QR code at the checkout with your phone camera or a QR scanner and you’ll be provided with a free downloadable e-receipt.

Downloading the app has its obvious advantages but for whatever reason you might have against that, we still want to offer you an environmentally friendly solution free of charge, no strings attached.

We don’t want to box ourselves in by saying we’re great for one thing at the loss of another as everybody’s experience with Receipt Relay is going to be somewhat different but hopefully this post has identified some of the app’s key features and benefits for you! Download today on the PlayStore or Appstore!

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