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Why your business should be using Receipt Relay

E-receipts that finally make sense

With Receipt Relay your customers can avail of an e-receipt straight from the EPOS to their phone - no paper receipt needs to be printed. Receipt Relay works by the customer scanning a QR code. This QR code then generates the e-receipt on their device where they can access it anytime, anywhere.

So, finally, you can offer your customers an e-receipt without having to ask them to spell out their email address and spend 5 minutes trying to find the right commands on your terminal. Receipt Relay enables you to provide your customers with an e-receipt the moment the transaction goes through. Scan the QR code and voila, the e-receipt is instantly on their device!

Reduce carbon footprint

The average paper receipt your business prints has a weight

of 10g of CO2. Think of how many receipts you print over the course of a busy day or event. Multiple that number by 10g

and there's your carbon footprint from those receipts alone.

A Receipt Relay e-receipt has an average weight of 3g of CO2, immediately reducing the carbon footprint of your business and your customers by over a factor of 3. On top of this, our system is supported entirely by carbon neutral servers meaning over the course of a year our, and your, net carbon footprint is a big fat zero when it comes to receipt distribution. Not bad, eh?

Reduce paper costs

Perhaps above all else businesses with Receipt Relay can

expect to see a significant reduction on how much they spend

per annum on receipt rolls, printer ink and printer maintenance costs.

Businesses using Receipt Relay are offering their customers an e-receipt alternative on all transactions and therefore are eradicating the need for paper receipts to be printed.

From a series of interviews we carried out with Irish businesses we found that the average business spends upwards of €600

per annum on receipt paper. From these interviews it was also

gained that in a retail environment, upwards of 80% of these paper receipts go straight from the printer to the bin. Now imagine a scenario where your business is no longer throwing money in the bin, seems logical?

Responsive interfacing

With Receipt Relay we don't just offer your customers a slick app for their e-receipts. As a business integrated with our software we provide you with a complementary user interface that you have access to 24/7.

This responsive interface gives you real time metrics on how your business is performing. This includes analysis of e-receipts and paper receipts along with their respective financial and environmental cost savings.

This interface also provides you with a lightning fast receipt lookup functionality for any cross referencing you might find yourself in need of.

Easy set-up

So how do you set yourself with Receipt Relay? Go to 'Receipt Relay for Your Business' and follow the steps from there. Once you're set up on our end, our software will be integrated with your EPOS terminals through your EPOS supplier.

To get a little techy for a second, we provide your EPOS supplier with an API endpoint that connects your account with us to your account with them and then marry our software to the hardware in your business (it's a lot easier than it sounds).

We pride ourselves on fast, reliable setups but you can get in touch with us at any stage during the process, we're happy to help!

We listen

To quote Bryan Adams, everything [we] do, [we] do it for you. We're all about focusing our service to your needs and solving your specific problems no matter how niche.

If you have any feedback for how Receipt Relay could do better please let us know via the survey linked here:

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